A day of mourning after the German election results.

Sadness. Shock. Disappointment .

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I love Germany. I love German food, the German language, German travel destinations. I am proud to come from a nation that has brought us Beethoven and Schiller. But today I am sad. Not because of where I’m from. Today I am sad, because some people in my beautiful home country have given their vote the AFD – Alternative für Deutschland. Yesterday a right-wing populist party became the third strongest in my country.

To live in a democracy means to be able to vote for who you want. That is the point. I was never particularly interested in politics. I would read about it when the time came, check their beliefs, future plans etc. but I never considered myself someone politically savvy enough, to try and influence or convince others. But telling people to not vote for the AFD is not trying to be smart, or influential… It’s about trying to stop racist, homophobic, gender stereotyping, xenophobic, radical thinking.

I would never tell someone to vote a specific party, that’s their own choice. As I said, that’s the beauty of democracy. But we cannot tolerate what the AFD is trying to promote.

Kurzprogramm der AFD ⇔ This is the party’s official election program. Their beliefs, what they want to promote. Although some of it is packed in lovely words, first impression being that it makes sense (well, to some) and maybe it’s no so bad after all, people need to read between the lines.

This party talks about the the only one real family composition (man, woman, child). Gay or Lesbian couples adopting? Nope. They want to take a woman’s right away to have pregnancy termination. They want to bring back proper Germany for our descendants, you know, not have all these foreign people living here. Last time somebody tried that, 6 million people died.

And yet people have voted them into the German parliament.

I know some people voted AFD because they’re unhappy with the other parties. Excuse my language, but what kind of fucked up logic is that? That’s like smashing windows and torching your car, just because you have a little car trouble temporarily and you don’t like any of the repair shops. That is not a solution.

But I can moan and cry all I want. Elections are over and the AFD have their 13%. Still, that doesn’t mean I stand by and do nothing. We can all do things to try and make the best of a bad situation.

When you see harmful behaviour, don’t stand by and watch or look away. Step up and others will follow. When you see people promoting their stupid AFD crap on Facebook, speak up and if you’re friends with them, delete them. That’s what I did. I have no room for AFD voters on my Facebook. Educate people. Be kind. Share love. Do good things.

Partially the reason why parties like the AFD, or individual people (like the current president of the United States) are successful is because they gain the majority of their followers through feeding their fears.

Don’t let it happen. Let’s show those assholes what unity, love and common sense can do.

Much love ❤



3 thoughts on “A day of mourning after the German election results.

      1. Exactly.. I just can’t believe that if from nothing else the world wouldn’t learn from his example.. if we Europeans carry on like this, we can’t really laugh out at the Americans, can we!


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