A blog is only as interesting, as interest is shown in others. – Lee Odden

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Blogging for me is all about the exchange of information and connecting with others. The blogroll is a list of blogs (or possibly only a single article) that I really enjoyed and will be updated on a weekly basis.

Even though I write in English, a lot of blogs I read are written in German so you will find  blogs of both languages here.

Click on the blog titles and enter the online presence/mind of a fellow blogger ❤

#1 lostbehindthemirror – Alicja Natalia Parks (German & English)

#2 lifestylefabrik – Martina (German)

#3 littlebirdofseptember – Elizabeth (English)


#4 eatteachblog – Divya (English)

#5 dreamandwanderland – Pia (English)

#6 purposefulwriter – Jessica (English)

#7 michaelablog – Michaela (English)

#8 lebenalacarte – Caro (German)

#9 frauschmuddelfuss – Jana (German)

#10 herkythecavalier – Mai (English)