Life with Mental Illness – Interview with Alicja from LostBehindTheMirror

Blogging is all about communication and exchange with others. At least for me. And I count myself very lucky for being part of an extremely interesting series of interviews regarding mental illness. Continue reading “Life with Mental Illness – Interview with Alicja from LostBehindTheMirror”

You messed up? Tomorrow is another day – Positive vibes & encouragement.

I have been asked by a few people, why my blog is called “freshstarteveryday” and the answer to that is really quite simple. Everyday I screw things up, do weird awkward shit, say inappropriate things… Everyday. And I used to actually hide because of those things, I used to not come out of my room to avoid feeling embarrassed or silly. Let me tell you, that is NOT the way to go…
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Healthy snacking – avoiding the binge trap

Please tell me I’m not the only one…

You know that feeling you get some days, when you had breakfast and around 3-ish your tummy starts to attract attention to itself? You try to tell your body that it’s only a few more hours until dinner but you just.can’

Seriously, it’s ridiculous, right?¬† Continue reading “Healthy snacking – avoiding the binge trap”

Why talk about Mental Health/Illness

16 % of NZ adult population has been diagnosed with a common form of mental disorder in 2012/13. Meaning one in six adults go through depression/anxiety/bipolar etc at some point in their life.

Statistics from 2015 indicate that in Germany, 22 % of adult males and 33 % of adult females have gone through a phase of severe struggle with mental health issues. Continue reading “Why talk about Mental Health/Illness”