Uni, Assignments, Exams… – Where does blogging fit in?


I can’t even remember the last time I posted something, maybe the beginning of October? How times goes by so fast, I don’t even know. But I learned that I need to work on my time management skills… Continue reading “Uni, Assignments, Exams… – Where does blogging fit in?”

Life with Mental Illness – Interview with Alicja from LostBehindTheMirror

Blogging is all about communication and exchange with others. At least for me. And I count myself very lucky for being part of an extremely interesting series of interviews regarding mental illness. Continue reading “Life with Mental Illness – Interview with Alicja from LostBehindTheMirror”

A day of mourning after the German election results.

Sadness. Shock. Disappointment .

bundestagswahl, 2017, wahlbenachrichtigung, german, election

I love Germany. I love German food, the German language, German travel destinations. I am proud to come from a nation that has brought us Beethoven and Schiller. But today I am sad. Not because of where I’m from. Today I am sad, because some people in my beautiful home country have given their vote the AFD – Alternative für Deutschland. Yesterday a right-wing populist party became the third strongest in my country. Continue reading “A day of mourning after the German election results.”

Nominated for the Liebster Award

Eek, exciting 🙂

When I was first nominated I didn’t even really know what it was, so let me start by introducing you this lovely idea.

liebster blog, online award, blog award, online recognition

The Liebster Award 2017 is an award that exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. – The Global Aussie, founder

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Smoke-free since January, was it worth it?

25 of January 2017 – my last cigarette

Okay, technically speaking, that isn’t entirely true… But this is actually the day I called it quits. And I know to many non-smokers it may not seem like a big deal but every smoker (addict) will tell you – it’s a bloody effing nightmare. Fast forward seven months and here I am, not smoking and enjoying life 🙂 Continue reading “Smoke-free since January, was it worth it?”

Have you seen all of these 10 must-see movies?


That is usually my reaction when I meet someone who has never seen a movie on what I call my “oh my god, you have to watch it” list. Admittedly, my must-see list is rather long…

Yeah, I’m a movie freak. I love them. Screw reality, a trip to Narnia sounds way better. Continue reading “Have you seen all of these 10 must-see movies?”

My favorite Hot Chocolates in Palmy

A sip of heaven.

You just need a little perspective. Warmed chocolate can give you that. – Giada de Laurentiis

I don’t think I know many people who don’t like hot chocolate. Not liking hot chocolate is almost as bad as not liking Disney in my book.

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