Smoke-free since January, was it worth it?

25 of January 2017 – my last cigarette

Okay, technically speaking, that isn’t entirely true… But this is actually the day I called it quits. And I know to many non-smokers it may not seem like a big deal but every smoker (addict) will tell you – it’s a bloody effing nightmare. Fast forward seven months and here I am, not smoking and enjoying life 🙂 Continue reading “Smoke-free since January, was it worth it?”

Have you seen all of these 10 must-see movies?


That is usually my reaction when I meet someone who has never seen a movie on what I call my “oh my god, you have to watch it” list. Admittedly, my must-see list is rather long…

Yeah, I’m a movie freak. I love them. Screw reality, a trip to Narnia sounds way better. Continue reading “Have you seen all of these 10 must-see movies?”

Introducing the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Yeah, there’s a mouthful… It is a rather big name for a semi-small breed but they do have big personalities. They are a wonderful breed, though of course I’m a little biased, owing two of those little munchkins 🙂 Although they have become a fairly popular breed, a lot of people still don’t really know much about them so I thought a little introduction was in order 🙂 Continue reading “Introducing the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel”

No-bake Oreo dessert balls

oreo balls, no-bake, dessert

And it was a success ❤

I used to hate anything Oreo-related, no joke. In the rare occasion that someone offered to share, I would always go “eurgh, no thanks”. Yeah, crazy, I know. And then one day, that changed, suddenly I loved  them and now here I am, making no-bake Oreo balls 😀 Continue reading “No-bake Oreo dessert balls”

Why talk about Mental Health/Illness

16 % of NZ adult population has been diagnosed with a common form of mental disorder in 2012/13. Meaning one in six adults go through depression/anxiety/bipolar etc at some point in their life.

Statistics from 2015 indicate that in Germany, 22 % of adult males and 33 % of adult females have gone through a phase of severe struggle with mental health issues. Continue reading “Why talk about Mental Health/Illness”

My favorite Hot Chocolates in Palmy

A sip of heaven.

You just need a little perspective. Warmed chocolate can give you that. – Giada de Laurentiis

I don’t think I know many people who don’t like hot chocolate. Not liking hot chocolate is almost as bad as not liking Disney in my book.

Continue reading “My favorite Hot Chocolates in Palmy”