Healthy snacking – avoiding the binge trap

vegetarian samosa, healthy snack, hummus, foodie

Please tell me I’m not the only one…

You know that feeling you get some days, when you had breakfast and around 3-ish your tummy starts to attract attention to itself? You try to tell your body that it’s only a few more hours until dinner but you just.can’

Seriously, it’s ridiculous, right? 

But there’s no point in trying to ignore it, at least not for me. I ignore it and 2 hours, like an absolutely famished dragon, I eat a whole flock of sheep. Or in human terms, I binge on anything that the fridge has to give. Or the cupboard – whatever is available.

Having said that, I don’t wanna slip back into old patterns of messed up eating behavior bordering on disorder. I’ve nearly been there and I never wanna go back there. So my solutions is to eat something. Not to binge but to prepare a little, easy snack that’s semi-healthy and satisfying.

Vegetable Samosa with hummus

Yes, the samosas are frozen goods but remember, in these moments we need something quick and easy. And these samosas are very tasty and actually not too unhealthy.


Prepare them as suggested on the package, I take them out a little early but each to their own preference. They’re really small so for a snack I’d probably throw in 6-8 pieces.

Next step: hummus. You can make it yourself and I will most definitely try that one day but for now I’m settling with the hummus I get from the local supermarket which is perfectly tasty as well 🙂


The end. That’s it.

“Sweet as” is what New Zealanders would say but I just sound like an idiot when I try to do that so you won’t hear me say that 😀

Honestly though, this really is it. Get the samosas out the oven, put them and a splash of hummus on the plate, add some sesame seeds if you want (I would, they’re the bomb), some black pepper and indulge.

vegetarian samosa, healthy snack, hummus, foodie

It doesn’t have to be vegetarian samosas, it can be anything that’s small and quick. Like the title says, this is just a way for me (and possibly you) to avoid falling into what I call the “binge trap” of fighting hunger, caving and ending up feeling guilty or sick or both.

I know this isn’t exactly a “recipe post” but it’s something quite a few experience. Do you? And if so, how do you go about it? Do you also try to snack healthily or do you push through and manage to eat normal?

Believe me, I’m not judging. I would never. I know exactly what it feels like to struggle with food and maintaining a healthy relationship with food. And on that note let me tell you, whatever you’re struggling with today (and we always have to deal with something), you’re strong, you’re awesome, and you kick ass ❤

Much love, Ju ❤

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